Monday, December 17, 2007

Searching for Blogs

I used a handful of blog search tools to find information about library programs. My results certainly varied! I conducted a simple unscientific bit of research by searching for the words library program. Here are my results using the Bloglines web page:
There sere several useful links there. Many of the links pertain to specific adult or childrens library programs.

When I attempted to access Feedster, I was greeted with the screen shown at the right:

Apparently Feedster is going through some sort of major update. Did someone buy out Feedster? Is Feedster totally changing their format? Is Feedster in the midst of a major upgrade or expansion of services? Only time will tell.

The search for library program using Technorati yielded thousands of hits. Since the site has a technology bent, many of the hits had to do with "software" programs. Most of the hits did not seem related to libraries at all. See the results here:

The Synidic8 search page returned only 3 hits!

Topix provided the most satisfactory list of relevant hits about library programs:

My best results were achieved by using Google's Blogsearch:

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