Monday, January 7, 2008

Library 2.0

Reading about Library 2.0 on wikipedia seemed only appropriate as this web site embodies many of the characteristics of this concept. The article makes a good point that many people enjoy debating about the "newness" of Library 2.0. Some love to argue that these concepts are nothing new. I beg to differ. While involving customers in libraries may have been around since the 19th centutry, the emphasis on this and the web technologies to do so are certainly new.

Libraries must invite customer participation in order to survive and stay relevant. When selecting a book, how many of us have used the online user reviews on Amazon and then gone to our library's web site to procure the book? (My hand is currently raised high). Let's tear down the brick walls around our library web sites and let customers post their opinions of movies, books, etc. This would be a great first step in maintaining a place of relevancey in the online world.

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