Monday, January 7, 2008


Zoho is an impressive attempt to provide a free on-line version of office productivity software. Presentation, spreadsheet, word processing, organizer, and even database software are all included. The first benefit is the cost savings. Tools such as Microsoft Office are quite expensive. Zoho costs nothing to use. Another plus is that your files are always with you, no matter which computer you are using. A big caveat here is that you must be connected to the internet.

Living in South Florida means this is a big caveat indeed for me. After Hurrican Wilma, I was without internet service for 3 weeks. Imagine what would have happened if I had depended on a service such as Zoho to store an important document I needed during that time. Zoho does offer an online feature, but you must install additional software on a computer and download the documents in order for this to work. This defeats the benefit of having access to your files anywhere.

For my purposes, I will shell out the bucks for Microsoft Office.

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