Monday, January 7, 2008

Podcast Alley and the Library Geeks Podcast

Normally I use the podcast search built into the Itunes store to find podcast content. That's going to change! I recently discovered a great podcast search website called Podcast Alley. The site provides a convenient way to search a vast array of podcasts--much more than one would find through Itunes. Web sites like Podcast Alley are great when looking for podcasts about specific topics. For example, I looked for library technology web sites. I found several interesting ones, but Library Geeks is my new favorite. Library Geeks focuses on harnessing web technologies in librarianship.

The only rub I came across when using Podcast Alley was that subscribing to the podcast through Itunes was not intuitive. Perhaps Apple is equally at fault for not making this easy to find in Itunes. After a search in Itunes help, I discovered that a user must click on the "Advanced" menu, and then click on the "Subscribe to Podcast" option. The user then can paste the URL of the podcast into a dialogue box. Rather than use the "Advanced" menu, it would be easier if Itunes provided a button in the Podcast area of Itunes. That would have been much easier for me to find.

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